Who Do You Think You Are?

For years people have delved into and explored their past (did you ever see the movie “Hitch” and laughed at the Ellis Island scene?) Now, NBC’s newest reality show “Who Do You Think You Are?” has inspired people to further explore their own Genealogy. While my family has done its share of research on our heritage (I’m related to John Smith and Priscilla and John Alden, pilgrims who came to America on the Mayflower), new stories always tend to emerge.

So, I’m visiting my folks this Easter Sunday, and Dad tells the story of a woman who, last week, tracked him down out of the blue. She’s a librarian living in New England who loves to frequent weekend Flea Markets. Her most recent “find” is the diary of a woman born around 1874. She writes of her experiences growing up in Canton, NY; her book reviews for the College of St. Lawrence University; her experience of moving in with her daughter and son-in-law during the War with their newborn baby, Gardner; her grocery shopping, socializing, and baby sitting days….

This curious librarian has stumbled upon the diary of my great-grandmother and has taken the time to track down “Gardner” (who no longer goes by that name) to tell him of her discovery. Bless her heart, she’s mailing my great-grandmother’s diary to my father this week! What a wonderful gesture on her part, and what an exciting journey back in time for my family and me! (My great-grandmother died of a heart attack in 1949. I never met her.)

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