A Lot To Look Forward To

Spring 2010 promises to be a breath of fresh air as designers, following a year of somber uncertainty, once again embrace color, femininity, chic denim and smart accessories. The exciting news is that it’s wearable OFF the runway as well as on. Accessories are all shapes and sizes. Witness how the handbags pop against white. You tell me where the real focus is here.
And scarves? Don’t let anyone lead you to believe they’re put away for the winter. A newsboy cap, a not-so-neatly wrapped scarf, a strut in your stuff and you’re turning heads.
Colors for Spring 2010? Get ready for orange, cornflower blue, lots of white, loden green, pops of sunflower, khaki (of course), black (of course) and refreshing tones of teal.

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