Up On The Hill

Paul and Judy at SNOWMASS And, I don’t mean Capitol Hill… I’m talking about the ski slopes (much more interesting)!

I just got back from a week in Aspen/Snowmass. They desperately need snow, but the weather was beautiful!  While I was there (Fashion Scouter that I am), I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to look at style on the mountain. For those who are planning a ski trip, here’s what I noticed.

Ski outfit XIII-Ski outfit VI-Ski outfit XII-Black and white is still (and is always) popular. New, to me, though (granted, I haven’t been skiing in a couple of years), was the animal print. I must admit, I saw a lot of  it in the shops, but the only place I saw it on the slopes was in the lining of a hood..(cute little leopard-action).

Ski outfit V-Ski outfit XIV-Ski Outfit I -Vibrant color is important this year, too. Orange, purple, blues, and reds … and notice the helmets? I’ve never seen as many as I did on this trip. I’m inspired to indulge in one myself. Sexy, on the slopes, is a smart woman wearing a helmet!

Ski outfit II -Ski outfit III -Ski outfit VIII-

And, then there’s your share of LOUD! You want to be seen? There are plenty of ways to make a statement this year. I’m just not so sure I’m that confident.

Whatever your pleasure, it’s pretty much “anything goes.” Me? I mirrored the way of the economy and wore a jumpsuit I’ve had for 5 years. It still fits; I still like the color; and, I already have all the matching pieces. Until next year, when who knows where we’ll be, don’t break a leg, and smile as you pass by the Mountain Photographer. A smile makes (almost) any outfit look better!

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