The Eyes Have It

Flip through any magazine this fall, and you can’t help but notice all the extra emphasis on the eyes…. more specifically, the eyelashes. If the eyes are, indeed, the windows to your soul, then never before have the window treatments been more important!
To that effect, I have to tell you about my new mascara ‘love’ to achieve thick, full, sexy eyelashes.
Now, I’m not known for pushing products (well actually, I am!?!? :lol: ) But, I get no benefit from having this opinion, just the joy of sharing my experience with you.
I’ve been a huge proponent of DIOR’S DiorShow Mascara for a long time. While makeup artists say you’re suppose to throw out your mascaras after 3 months, I hang onto my DiorShow like grim death. Partly because I love it, but mainly because it’s so expensive to replace.
So, my new find is REVLON’S Grow Luscious. Big green tube. You can’t miss it. And, its only 7.99 at Target and WalMart (unless you want the waterproof version, then it’s 8.99) It’s fabulous! And, if you’re a layerer (is that a word?) like I am, then start with ALMAY’s One Coat Mascara (about 6.99) for definition and separation, and then really punch it up with Grow Luscious for maximum pizazz.
Just a little tip I thought you’d appreciate. Go to my FORUM and let me know how it works out for you.

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