Take Time Out for YOU

I made a decision yesterday about this new routine I’m going to adopt. Taking time out for me! Not a lot of time, but its going to be dedicated. I’ll call it my weekly appointment with wellness!

Just once a week, my 30-minute morning workout will be followed by: a 10-minute hair mask; a deep cleansing facial with gentle exfoliation; and a 30-minute teeth-whitening touch-up. (These cucumbers aren’t required, though they’re very good for you both internally and externally.)

Our daily intentions may be good….. thoroughly clean off our makeup every night; floss every day; brush our hair 100 strokes before bed (NOT!), but it’s easy to let things slide. THEN, if we don’t get enough sleep, and the stresses and frustrations of the week get us down, this lack of care really shows. And, the effects over time become harder and harder to undo.

Perhaps a goal of once-a-week “me time” is like Meditation. It’s good for the soul, and it puts us back in harmony (just like a good glass of wine!) I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve already made my ‘appointment’ for next week.

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