Summer Workouts

If you’re getting back into your workout routine now that summer’s coming (and those bathing suits and shorts are looming), first ~ congratulate yourself. You’ve made a wise decision for both your health and your self-confidence. After every work out, I give myself mental gold stars! It takes discipline, as you know, but you always feel better for it.
A couple of things to keep in mind:
~ Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water! That is important advice year-round, but in the intense summer heat your body sweats even more, attempting to regulate your body temperature. It’s important to replace those lost fluids.
~ Headaches are not uncommon hours, if not minutes, after strenuous exercise. I find that alternating water with a sports drink during tennis matches or after a long run can help me avoid them. Replacing lost electrolytes with your favorite flavored sports drink can keep those headaches at bay.
~ Prior to a morning workout, get a little bit of food in your system… an egg, a protein shake, some yogurt with fruit…this will help fuel your system and keep your blood sugar levels from dropping. Your workouts will also be more effective, because you’ll have more energy for the duration. (Wait 1/2 hour after eating before beginning your exercise)
~ Pick up the latest issue of FIRST FOR WOMEN, the May 24th Edition with Denise Austin on the cover. There are some great ideas for maximizing your workouts and staying on track. Yours in Good Health ~ Judy

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