Spring Closet Cleaning

We set the clocks forward tonight, and the first day of Spring is only a week away. That means that Spring Cleaning-out-the-closet is not far behind. It’s time to analyze how you decide what to keep and what to toss.

Nothing says “old and tired” more than hanging threads, loose buttons, frayed edges (unless, of course, you bought it that way on purpose) or stains. Examine your jackets, your blouses, your sweaters; cut off those loose threads; sew on that button OR replace all the buttons with prettier, updated ones; treat and wash, or dry clean, stained garments. If the stains don’t come out, toss that item or donate it. (This is especially true of anything white including T-shirts. They can be the biggest culprits of underarm stains!) These small, inexpensive adaptations are sure-fire ways to infuse more life into your wardrobe and get more wear out of what you already own.

I’m not a huge proponent of this advice:  “If you don’t wear something for a year or two, you never will.” I honored that philosophy in the past and let far too many things go that I later regretted losing. If I still lived by that motto, I would have donated or sold many of my beautiful coats and/or wool sweaters just because I moved to Florida. Who knew that four years later I’d be traveling to Minnesota every month and would need those wonderful warm clothes? Replacing them would have been an expensive proposition!

So, how do you answer the question “Should I keep this skirt? This dress? This blazer? I never wear it!” Here’s a suggestion. Take a Sunday afternoon and start ‘shopping your closet.’ Try on that dress, that skirt, that blazer in front of a full-length mirror. If it doesn’t fit any longer, then there’s your answer. Get rid of it. If it does still fit, then take a look at the hem. If you had it altered, would you get a little more use out it? Perhaps that would update it enough that you’d like it again. Just remember, there’s a big difference between unworn and unwanted. Even if it still fits… if you’re just plain sick of it, consign it or donate it to a worthy Womens’ Shelter.

One more thing… if your lifestyle no longer calls for ball gowns, and you’re holding onto yours on the off chance there may be some occasion to wear one again, consider this:       1) If you do get invited to another ball, you’ll probably want to buy something new for the occasion anyway, and 2) If you look on line, there’s probably an organization that accepts evening gowns and offers them to underprivileged young girls who, otherwise, couldn’t afford a gown for the Prom. You’ll feel good knowing your gown is being enjoyed again and that it’s having a really good time! 🙂

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