Queen Bea, The Home Shopping Queen, Gets Ahold Of Me

Over the last 20 years, Judy Crowell has worked as a host at both QVC and HSN, launched her own fashion collection on ShopNBC, and also married former host and current gem vendor, Paul Deasy. She is most certainly home shopping royalty.

During our recent talk, Queen Bea and Judy ended up discussing everything from why she has a real coffin in the garage to what she really thinks of those new “stripped down” Kirk’s Folly sets … not to mention how she practically had to burn down her house before finally “marrying smart!”

For those of you who have followed Judy over the years, across the networks, and through all her ups and downs, I think you will find her even more endearing. So pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the read!

QB: As a “military brat,” you were raised all around the world–4 countries and 12 states to be exact! Do you think the constant moving and having to meet new people all the time helped prepare you for hosting and being a vendor? How did your multicultural upbringing affect your sense of style?

JC: There’s no question that my upbringing helped prepare me for my future in home shopping. I feel able to relate to customers of all lifestyles and all cultures because of my experiences living and traveling all over the world. In watching fashion shows, I always appreciate the designer’s extra touches that ‘borrow’ from other cultures. I also love designers’ takes on other eras. (I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era, as I love the romantic styles of the past.)

Get Fit with Judy!

QB: What is your current fitness program? How is it different from what you used to do with the “Get Fit with Judy” show? Any plans to do anything in the fitness industry?

JC: Would you believe I have a fitness book already written and just sitting on my computer??!!! I know I need to get it published. I think there’s this fear that no one will find it interesting. It’s a combination of my own personal road to finding fitness and completely changing my body to suggestions on how to incorporate various workouts into your own life. I also touch on the importance of food; the types of foods that are good for you; why certain diets are dangerous, etc.

My fitness routine is pretty much the same as when I hosted “Get Fit with Judy.” I loved that show, and I was honored that QVC granted me a good two year run with it.

QB: You must, must, must tell me all about your engagement ring! Most people don’t have a gem expert picking out their ring……..

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