In Need Of A “Pink”-Me-Up

Feeling underwhelmed, lately, by your fashion choices? Uninspired when you open your closet? It may not be that your clothes are tired. It may just be that you keep putting them together the same old way. It’s time to change it up a bit for Spring.

1) Try using belts differently… instead of always through the belt loops, put them on the outside of a tee or a sweater. Try even crisscrossing two thin belts over one another for added texture.
2) Layer two tanks together to wear underneath a blazer instead of just wearing one.
3) If you loved scarves for their warmth (and their look) last season, break out some of your lighter-weight ones and use them this season. Color up next to the face is always flattering. And,
4) Instead of that same ole’ (when all else fails) black blazer, treat yourself to a pretty sherbet pink or pistachio green one. Pastels are hot this season, and that will quickly update your look. See the Judy Crowell Collection on for fresh new options.

Consider this, too. We seem to leave plenty of time to style our hair and put on makeup, but then we hear that clock ticking and panic sets in. “Aaah, what am I going to wear?” We grab the first thing we can find, throw it on, and we’re out the door.

Solution? If you give yourself back some of that “getting ready” time when selecting your clothes and accessories, you’ll find that you feel much better about yourself and your look all day long. It’s that “pulled together, in control” feeling that brings out the best in all of us.

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