Hear Yee, Hear Yee

If you love inspirational speakers, you’ll love Author and Life Coach, Michelle Phillips. She has asked me to be on her radio show tomorrow (Monday, the 24th) at NOON et. She said, “Judy, as my Trend Forecaster and Gem & Jewelry Expert, I want your input on how we should look this season.” She’s calling it “Switch It Up For Fall.”

We’ll talk about easy ways to update your wardrobe with the hot COLORS of fall and winter; the smart BASICS you should keep or acquire;  the TRENDS that you were smart to buy last fall because they have nicely carried over into this fall; and, what to KEEP, STORE and TOSS! You can listen in on your computer by going to this site tomorrow at noon: www.hayhouseradio.com, then just click on Michelle’s name.

Meanwhile, be sure to pick up her new book, The Beauty Blueprint, already on Amazon.com’s Best Seller list. An even more beautiful you is sure to emerge!

Styling Your Full Potential ~                                                                                            Judy


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