Gemstone Fashion In Tucson

003Amethyst Geode Turquoise Fashion is often inspired by colors found in nature. Judging by the extraordinary beauty of these gemstones, you can certainly understand why.

My husband, Paul, and I recently attended the Tucson Gem Show, the largest international gem and mineral show in the world. Your head feels like its on a swivel. You don’t want to miss a thing. Gaspeite, malachite, hematite, sugalite, morganite, opal (sigh), tiger’s eye, amber, lapis, crystal, ruby, sapphire, jade (oh my), fire opal, jasper, agate, coral, emerald, garnet (inhale), peridot, aquamarine, turquoise, amethyst, aventurine, diamond (exhale).

You name it (well, and sometimes you can’t! ha), it’s there.

Kangaroos carved in crystalIguana carved in agateSwans carved in crystal

As beautiful as the gemstones themselves are, the creativity they often inspire can be downright breathtaking. Rest your mouse on the photographs above to learn which gemstones were used for these carvings.

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