For The Girls On Your List

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If you’re looking  to give inexpensive, but greatly appreciated, gifts this year, here are some good suggestions.   A Colorful Scarf – (yes, it’s a shameless plug for a pretty scarf on from the Judy Crowell Collection) Let’s face it, they are always useful; add color to your face; and, are good for a woman/girl of any age.  Perhaps, most important?  They’re never the wrong size!ShopNBC Scarf Graphic

A Gift Card – If you know her pretty well, then you’ll know where to get the card. You already know where she shops (She’s always sharing her great finds with you from those sources). There’s also the gift card to a great restaurant; a day at a Spa; or, one to get a massage (try Massage Envy where you can buy a massage for $39. I know I’d sure appreciate that).

A Gift Certificate to the Movies – My darling mother-in-law has 7 children and 18 grandchildren, so she gives us each $10 at Christmas. She knows it’s hardly enough for a theater ticket, so she calls it our popcorn money. I look forward to that gift every year!

A Daytime/Evening Clutch – If you see her out at parties, or at lunch on a Saturday, and she’s struggling with her massive tote from the work week, you can probably assume she doesn’t have something smaller, more convenient to carry. You can’t get much of any quality for $29, but this season, check out My Judy Crowell Collection clutch in black or champagne is large enough for a full size wallet AND your cell phone, but small enough to be lightweight and chic.ShopNBC Clutch black GraphicShopNBC Clutch Graphic

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ShopNBC Gemstone book GraphicA Colored Gemstones book by Paul Deasy – And, there’s that magic number again … under $30. This is a coffee table book that anyone would enjoy (well, unless they’re not of legal age), and especially those trying to decipher what in the world they inherited in their grandmother’s jewelry box!

A 2-Pack of Ahhh Seamless Leisure Bras – Rhonda Shear has given women a reason to celebrate in comfort. If you decide to buy these for your Mom, daughter or a good friend, you’d better get a pack for yourself. Great color options make them  less underwear-like and more fashion-like, and there’s an easy fitting sizing selection. They’re so forgiving, you can’t buy the wrong size!Style Tricks Graphic

Fashion Advice GraphicAnd, the truth is, if you’re really stuck? (And, some years are just like that) It can just be what you say in a card that means the most!

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