Fashion Show Analysis

Spring 2009 ~ Alberta Ferreti
What a time to be a woman! The clothes for Spring are feminine, soft, and sexy. If gazing at these styles doesn’t make you want to put down that donut, I don’t know what will. The body is in beautiful form in these drapey satins, flapper-like fringe and sleeveless torsos.
The colors are romantic and delicate in hues of champagne, soft plum and mint julep green. Drapey sweaters were over cigarette legged pants. Layered dresses had movement and fringe.
And, when it comes to accessories, it’s once again that statement piece (or in the case of bangles… as many as you can wear but just on one arm)that completes the look. Handbags are smaller with the omnipresent Chanel-inspired chain or worn cross-body with just enough room for a wallet and cell phone. Shoes are open-toed with high, chunky-heels. Sunglasses are big… still. Fashion Show

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