Calling All February Babies… And Then Some

If you February Girls haven’t embraced your birthstone up ’til now, I have a funny feeling the worm is about to turn. WOW!! So, here’s the scoop….

African Amethyst is known for its deep, intense grape color tending to fluoresce red tones (Brazilian amethyst tends to fluoresce blue). The problem is, when you get into the larger carat weights, it can appear too dark, almost black (not attractive). The material we sourced for this ring (nearly 6 carats of genuine African Amethyst) is incredible. Day after tomorrow (Wed. 01/10/12) (obviously, this particular BLOG is time-sensitive), you can STEAL it (for UNDER $120!) on Jewelry Television…. but, it won’t even be on their website until then.

I am so excited about this that I hated to wait any longer to tell you. (I’ll probably get myself in trouble revealing it too soon) Anyway, we’ll introduce it at midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday night into Wednesday), and there are only 675 of them (FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY)!

Good luck! (Oh, and did I mention that the yellow gemstones are genuine yellow sapphires????)

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