About Judy Crowell

A student of jewelry design for nearly 3 decades, Judy has enjoyed sharing her knowledge and expertise with customers who share her passion… for life, for style and for JOYA. “It’s important to me that women are encouraged to look and feel their best,” Judy says. “My motto is ‘Rock Your Full Potential,’ because I believe that all of us have incredible potential, and I love to see when a woman realizes hers.”
Judy knows that her jewelry can play a role in that confidence. “It makes her shine,” she says. “The right pair of earrings or choice of necklace can catapult a woman’s outfit to the next level. She looks good. She knows it. And when she walks out that door, her confidence glows.” Designing the JOYA by Judy Crowell™ Collection has been a labor of love and one of Judy’s greatest accomplishments. “I’m proud,” she says. And then adds with a smile, “it’s been a joya-ful ride!”

Rock Your Full Potential

It’s time to discover unique and beautiful jewelry from JOYA by Judy Crowell™. JOYA, which means jewel in Spanish, is an electrifying gemstone and sterling silver Collection that features a delightful combination of color, shape and texture. As the designer of each and every piece, I seek to create jewelry that highlights the natural treasures of the earth ~ the beautiful, yet often overlooked, opaque gemstones I love. Unusual shapes, complementary color contrasts and a variety of rough and polished stone-finishes make this artistic collection an eye-catching addition for any outfit.

Always fashionable, each piece pairs perfectly with both casual and formal outfits, making ­ JOYA by Judy Crowell™ a wardrobe staple you can enjoy every day for almost any occasion. As a student of jewelry design for nearly 3 decades, I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and expertise with customers who also share my passion… a passion for life, for great style and for JOYA.

Designed From the Heart Made From the Earth

Audiences will recognize me from my nearly 30 years in the home shopping business. I count QVC and HSN in with the many other channels I’ve graced while getting to know jewelry customers nationwide. My husband, Paul Deasy, and I have published two books on Gemstones after each becoming Accredited Jewelry Professionals with the GIA, Gemological Institute of America.

Our travels have taken us to various gem mines around the world where we have filmed in some of the more precarious, heart-of-the-earth locations. Deep in the mines, we’ve watched the miners dig with shovels and pickaxes in the hopes of finding just one more slice of that elusive gem material.

To more thoroughly understand the process of jewelry manufacturing, I went to bead-drilling plants in China, gold and silver-smithing factories in Italy and gemstone cutting facilities in Brazil. When I then pursued an education in the history of fashion through the ages to become a Fashion Trend Forecaster, I knew that my jewelry designing skills were ready to be put to the test. Jewelry, after all, is the ultimate fashion accessory, and now I could ideally marry my two passions: Jewelry Expertise with a Fashion Focus.

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