A Thousand Tears

How is it that even my tears don’t seem like enough to properly express this sadness? Isn’t there something even more elevated than tears? How is it that I can’t ask her to endure even one more night? Isn’t there something to tell me I’m wrong or I’m right? How is it that I knew months ago we didn’t have much time, so I sat down back then and wrote her a poem? Isn’t there something in those actions?

I don’t have the answers to my questions…. I only have my heart. And, just maybe that is something.

At Heaven’s Gate, Brie, please don’t wait
Go run and roll and sniff
For now your eyes, they see again
Your joints no longer stiff

We’ll meet again someday, my friend
Our routine we’ll repeat
That bark, that wag, that lick I’ll know
The circle then complete

Rest in peace, little girl of mine
Not sure there will be another
For you brought out the best in me
The only one who called me ‘mother.’

Brie Crowell Deasy  05/98 – 05/13

She was one week shy of 15 yrs. old. I will miss her more than words can say….. the littlest love of my life.

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