Style and Trend Jewelry Expert Judy Crowell Coming to JTV

September 21, 2011

Jewelry Television and are pleased to announce that home shopping industry veteran and Style and Trend Jewelry Expert, Judy Crowell, is coming to the JTV broadcast on Thursday, September 29th, from 8am to 11am Eastern. Judy's first show is all about the unique jewelry designs in JTV's exclusive Blooming Jewels™Collection and the customer favorite, JTV's Stratify™line of affordable luxury jewelry. Read on to find out more about Judy's extensive jewelry and home shopping industry experience and learn why we're so excited to have her join the JTV family!

From "As a Senior Program Host, Judy traveled the world hosting shows on location. Whether it was in sunny Malibu with make-up expert, Victoria Jackson; in Hollywood, CA with actress, Loni Anderson; in Hawaii with underwater artist, Wyland; in the Bahamas with comedienne, Joan Rivers; or live shows from Alaska, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Iowa, New York or West Virginia, the travel was the biggest perk of the job! Her most memorable experience was a show she hosted called "Cure By The Shore," a fundraiser for cancer research that was broadcast live from the lawn of the famous Monte Carlo Casino along the Riviera in Monaco.

Other QVC travels saw her in countries like Bolivia and Brazil where, calling herself "Indiana Judy," she visited and filmed various gem mining operations for future jewelry shows. Judy w Haley JTV buyer She also filmed in china and Thailand to support the jade shows later broadcast on QVC. Travels with the video crew included Hong Kong in 1991 and Austria in 1995 to showcase the Swarovski Crystal Factory, but Italy became the country she would visit most often. Along with the network's jewelry buyers, Judy researched the jewelry-making processes she would share with her viewers back home in nearly 90 million American households."

As you can see from the photos, Judy knows the Jewelry Industry from the mines to the finished jewelry, and is comfortable mining for gemstones or sharing beautiful jewelry with home shoppers across the country--a perfect fit for JTV! Join Jewelry Television and as we welcome Style and Trend Jewelry Expert Judy Crowell to the JTV broadcast on Thursday, September 29th, 2011, from 8am to 11am Eastern.

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